FaceAche was a developed in collaboration with Kristian Fosh, a 2D Artist, using the Corona SDK.
Its addictive party fun with this handheld party game from the people who brought you Shlumpf! React to the on screen commands to Tap, Swipe, Shake before unlocking Zoom and Pinch as the timer ticks down faster! FaceAche is the smash hit available for iPhone, Pod & Pad – just go easy on the SHAKING!

Inspired by one of the most addictive party games ever, use actions that are already second nature to iPhone users! Use simple Multi-Touch controls or shake with the Accelerometer. In every mode, just read the commands but make sure you move before the clock runs out! Easy to play – but hard to put down!

Invite friends to play FaceAche in Party Mode. Pass and Shake but keep it moving as that timers getting faster and faster! With two ways to play and a highscore to beat the fun doesn’t stop!

Think you’re the FaceAche master? FaceAche for iPhone, Pod & Pad touch you can unlock special Trophies that can only be unlocked by breaking scores and mastering the modes.