You are not an imposter.

Updated: Oct 12

After my previous post, I got a lot of messages on Twitter. One of the most common questions I've been asked is about feeling like an imposter - someone who doesn't belong. When do you stop feeling that way? Does it get easier?

Firstly, I'm not a qualified therapist, I'm just a game developer who's felt like this in the past. I would periodically slip into a cycle of feeling like I'm a phony waiting to be uncovered, but those times do pass.

When those times do show up, I've got a few ways of dealing with it.


Take notes of your achievements

This can be hard to do when you are in a flurry of work. sometimes it all becomes a blur of problem-solving, bug fixing, and meetings. Take short notes of what you do during the day, they don't have a lot of detail, just enough to remind you of what you've done.

Why? When you next start to feel like an imposter, review what you've achieved throughout the weeks. Sometimes it's easy to forget just how much you've actually done when you're in the thick of things.

Keep focused on your goals

It's easy to lose track of them with all the daily grind, but I try and remind myself what I'm trying to achieve in my life. I've found it a great way to assess myself, figure out the next steps, and put my mind in check.

Gather feedback

I found that when I'm feeling like that - it's good to get a bit of perspective from others around me. It's easy to get in your own head and wear yourself down. If you're working on your own project, ask for some constructive feedback. If you're working with others, get their thoughts on your work.

This can help give you more context to how you're doing. Does it line up with your goals? If it doesn't, use that feedback to get yourself back on track.

Don't compare yourself to others

When you are starting out in the games industry - or any industry really - it's easy to look at others and compare yourself to them and start to feel like you aren't good enough compared to them. In reality that's not an equal comparison. Everyone has different backgrounds, experiences, and talents.

Learn at your own pace, set your own goals, and work towards them.

It's completely fine to look up to others and want to achieve what they have achieved, but remember that the route they took will be different from yours, so don't try and benchmark yourself against them.


Hope that helps! If you find yourself getting into a rut and need someone to have a chat with reach out to me via DM and I'll be happy to have a chat.

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