• Standing up Horde – An Unreal Build System

    As this system is built explicitly for Unreal it works with projects built with it out of the box. It makes use of BuildGraph to distribute build steps across multiple agents, signficantly speeding up iteration time (for instance, have one agent compile the tools / editor, then have several other agents create build artifacts simultaniously,…

  • Code Reviews – Tips for reviewers and reviewees

    Code reviews don’t need to be a terrifying experience. They have helped me grow as an engineer immensely in the past.

  • Tips for new Technical Directors

    I wanted to write down some of the notes I picked up in the past and share them with anyone looking at starting out in the Technical Director role, it’s by no means exhaustive. Focus on growing the team’s knowledge As you become more senior as an engineer you end up taking on more complex…

  • Hiring people in the games industry

    A four step process i’ve seen work in the past. Trying to avoid bias and hiring the right people.

  • Managing to be a Manager

    Becoming a new manager is hard, but its really rewarding. Here’s some things I’ve learnt during my time in the role.

  • Thoughts on the Engineering Manager and Technical Director tracks, and lessons learned along the way

    Engineering Manager or Tech Director? Both tracks of the game developers’ engineering tracks have pros and cons. Walking both sides can be a difficult but rewarding path, I recently have had some time to step back and get some perspective of my time at Zynga.

  • 7 Things I wish I knew when I started developing games

    I’ve been professionally developing games for the better part of a decade now. When I started I made a lot of mistakes. Recently I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about how best to get started in the industry so I figured it would be helpful to write this down somewhere. TLDR: Make smaller games…

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