Engine Type

We decided to use the Unity3D Engine as we felt it would give us a chance to rapidly prototype the main aspects of the program along with allowing for the most cross-compatible builds.

Project Overview

The side scrolling version of Aaarghmageddon came about from a prototype based on the original  Aaarghmageddon, Kris and myself attempted to merge Kris’s 2D artstyles with a more intuitive gameplay.

Key Features

  • Event Driven AI
  • 2D image faked by an Orthographic camera
  • In-game tutorials
  • Intuitive GUI System

Technical Challenges

When developing Aaarghmageddon I ran into several challenges, which were overcome after persisting through them. The AI within the game were constantly tweaked to give the required feedback within the game, originally the AI was set-up as a finite state machine however in the interest of keeping a stable frame-rate I opted for the Event-driven route.

With the AI being Event-Driven they simple react to the environment around them, for instance the Human AI simply walk in one direction until they collide with a wall object, they then walk in the opposite direction. The Zombie AI works in the same way, however if the mouse clicks on the zombie while it is moving it will turn direction and walk the opposite way.